Motion Math | Match

I worked with San Francisco start-up Motion Math on this iPad game for kids. Really fun way for kids to learn math as they match tiles and equations. I was responsible for the graphics, icon and logo for the game. Really fun project and great opportunity to bring together math and learning with robots and mythic creatures!

Homescreen on the iPad
Download for the iPad or iPad Mini here!
Match Logo
The app icon and my good friend -- the Yeti!
Ancient Robot Prize Tiles
Robot Prize Tile #4
Robot Prize Tile #8
Robot Prize Tile #9
Mythic Creatures Prize Tiles
Chupacabra Prize Tile #4
Yeti Prize Tile #5
Dragon Prize Tile #11
Sea Creature Prize Tiles
Jellyfish Prize Tile #3
Manta Ray Prize Tile #7
Hammerhead Shark Prize Tile #11
Homescreen and buttons
Gameboard and countdown leaf
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