Squid Bikes | Season Three

I continue to lots of illustration and pattern design for Squid Bikes of Sacramento California. We work on designs and graphics for everything from Kits and Skin-suit fabrics, designs on saddles, t-shirts, front doors to headquarters (hours vary) and stickers.

A pattern of illustrated elements for Squid Bikes season three.  I often create patterns or spot ills and the folks at Squid Bikes will work with the color ways.
Rattlecan Repeating Pattern for Squid Bikes.
Some of the patterns I created on the Squid skin suits for 2017.
Various uses of my graphics in the Squid Universe: shorts, saddles, a giant door decal and kits.
Patterns of some of the logos I've created for Squid over the past few years.
Some of the Mental Graffiti series of decals.
Some of the illustrated elements for season three.
One of the great things about working with Squid is the collaboration.  I provided the art for these jerseys while Emily Kachorek designed the final layouts.
Visit the Squid site to purchase decals and apparel.
Artwork created for collaboration between Squid Bikes and Bike Dog Brewing.
A few of the Squid logos I've designed over the last couple seasons.
More uses of patterns and graphics in the Squid Universe: Skin suit, t-shirt, slaps and bike shorts.
Creatures Decal Kit 1
Blocky Blocks Decal Kit 3
Creatures Decal Kit 2
Blocky Blocks Decal Kit 1
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