Squid Bikes | Emily Kachorek

I've been producing a bunch of graphics for the rad cyclocross bike company Squid Bikes. I collaborated with pro rider/co-founder Emily Kachorek (who is also a trained biologist) on designs for her pro model, wheels and apparel. 'Creatures' is the vibe we're going for.

Close up of the Creatures art
More close up of the Creatures art
This is the primary art for Emily Kachorek's cyclocross bike and kit. 
Logo for Emily's bike
Emily Kachorek Pro Model - made by Squid Bikes of Sactown CA.  You can buy the bike here.
The wheels are made by PSIMET and also for sale.  Photo by Jason Perry
Close up of the radness. Photo by Jason Perry
Photo by Jason Perry
The artwork is also a reapeating pattern.  This was valuable in that the art would wrap the seat tube seamlessly and could be used for apparel as well.
Emily racing the raddest bike and cyclocross kit out there.
Here's some examples of what Emily did with the art.  I really dig those black and white kits.  You can purchase them from Voler here.
Final wheel designs.  They can be purchased from PSIMET here.
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