The Stone Hut

I originally did this drawing of The Stone Hut for Burlington Vermont's Seven Days weekly way back in 1997. I then updated it with a fresh digital coat of paint for The Stowe Guide in 2006. The Stone Hut is a structure built by the CCC in 1935 which anyone can rent out in the winter (it sits very close to the chairlifts of Stowe). In 2015 there was an accidental fire which majorly damaged the structure - Never Summer Snowboards reached out to me about collaborating on a couple boards which they would raffle off to help rebuild the hut. They made 2 boards in total and I got to keep (and ride) one of them. At this point the Stone Hut has been almost completely rebuilt. A print of this also hangs in the Burton HQ.

The Stone Hut: the Legendary stone structure steeped in lore which sits atop Mount Mansfield in Northern Vermont.
Serious magical vibe about this place.
The final design and placement of the illustration on the Never Summer board.  It's a Proto Type Two 157cm incidentally.
Got to try this out in 2 feet of fresh pow at my home resort of Sierra-at-Tahoe.
While this illustration has nothing to do with The Stone Hut it was created for The Stowe Guide and about the dreaded Dude Patch:  careful!! It's a common phenomenon out there.
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