The Wall Street Journal

Illustrations both editorial and interactive for The Wall Street Journal.

Animated illustration for the WSJ's Madness Machine which creates tournament brackets based off of a brilliant statistical model which simulates each game.
Skatepark Map of the USA
Header illustration for an Election Hangover Kit.  We all needed this.
Illustrations for WSJ's Cookie Animation.
Illustrations for WSJ's Cookie Animation.
Illustrations for interactive featuring Harry Potter franchise.
Animated header and promo image for WSJ's Beat the Fed interactive.
WSJ Pin for the Winter Olympics in Sochi Russia. Vector final on left and actual pin on right.
WSJ Olympic Pin: 2012
WSJ Olympic Pin: 2010
Illustrations for WSJ College Bowl Games interactive.
Illustrations for WSJ College Bowl Games interactive.
Some branding imagery for the predictive holiday guide the WSJ created.
Header illustration for an interactive about higher education in the U.S. from overseas students.
Illustration for the WSJ Book Club
Promo illustration for the incredible Red Feed Blue Feed interactive created by my friend Jon Keegan.
Illustration for the WSJ about how Democrats were becoming isolated in cities.
Illustrations for WSJ interactive about transporting ice cores.
Illustrations for WSJ College Football Crybaby Fans interactive.
Did this logo for the great WSJ columnist Jason Gay who wrote about a mythical team he referred to as the Mediocre Toads.
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