The Wall Street Journal

A handful of the Illustrations, designs and animations I created while in the Visuals Department of The Wall Street Journal.

Animated illustration for the WSJ's Madness Machine which creates tournament brackets based off of a brilliant statistical model which simulates each game.
Animated header and promo image for WSJ's Beat the Fed interactive.
Skatepark Map of the USA
Some branding imagery for the predictive holiday guide the WSJ created.
Illustrations for WSJ's Cookie Animation.
Promo illustration for the incredible Red Feed Blue Feed interactive created by my friend Jon Keegan.
Repeating patterns and animation assets for a Wall Street Journal project about 3D Printing.
Repeating patterns and animation assets for a Wall Street Journal project about 3D Printing.

I assisted the WSJ Video group with some animation for their video on the insane craft that is sword swallowing.  This gif is a bit of a preview.

While at the WSJ I created many 'crowns' or small graphic elements which might sit atop a larger interactive graphic but give insight into what the reader could expect.  This crown was for an interactive graphic on shifting polls in the swing states leading up to the election.

Illustration for the WSJ Book Club
Illustration for the WSJ about how Democrats were becoming isolated in cities.
Header illustration for an interactive about higher education in the U.S. from overseas students.
Header illustration for an Election Hangover Kit.  We all needed this.

An example of an infographic I created for the WSJ in which we break down the full-sized print infographic into animated components for online readers which would offer more details and flourishes than the print art had room for.

One project I worked on was about the various self driving cars being designed and the different ways they would interactive with the road and bystanders.  In this case I animated my sketch for a better sense of the final animations.

A crown animation for the WSJ College Football Playoff Simulator.

Promotional animation for a WSJ real estate quiz.

We once created an amazing graphic for the WSJ called The Oscars of Everything Else which meticulously cataloged categories such as Most F-Bombs, Most Fisticuffs, Most Nudity, Most Crying and my favorite - Most Dogs (I illustrated my dog Winnie above).

Promotional Art for the WSJ Daily Shot Email Newsletter.

Promotional art for a graphic which explored the amusing habit of people referring to someone as "The Michael Jordan of (insert skill)"

Designs for the WSJ's Portrait of the Parties series.  I'm proud of all the design work we did around the 2016 election but I certainly shudder with disgust when I see that photo of Trump.

Promotional art for the WSJ interactive in which my colleagues created an algorithm to decode the brilliant rhymes of Lin-Manuel Miranda's brilliant play "Hamilton".

Photo collage for an immersive WSJ story.

Promotional art for the WSJ Stock-Picking Game.

WSJ Olympic Pin: 2010
WSJ Olympic Pin: 2012
WSJ Pin for the Winter Olympics in Sochi Russia. Vector final on left and actual pin on right.

Another photo collage for an immersive WSJ story.

Illustrations for WSJ College Bowl Games interactive.
Illustrations for WSJ interactive about transporting ice cores.
Illustrations for interactive featuring Harry Potter franchise.
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