Photo collage for WSJ story on freeing innocent people in china's prison system.

Year In Review Identity

I did the typographic identity around the Year End package of stories the WSJ did for 2016 and 2017.

I created quite a lot of animated illustration for the WSJ over the years - here's a few.
Animated illustration for the WSJ's Madness Machine which creates tournament brackets based off of a brilliant statistical model which simulates each game.

Promotional Art for the WSJ Daily Shot Email Newsletter.

A crown animation for the WSJ College Football Playoff Simulator.

Some branding imagery for the predictive holiday guide the WSJ created.
Infographics for online and print.

An example of an infographic I created for the WSJ in which we break down the full-sized print infographic into animated components for online readers which would offer more details and flourishes than the print art had room for.

Infographic for WSJ article about using selfies as your phone password.

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