Paul is an artist who studied illustration at Syracuse University in brisk upstate New York.  He worked at The Wall Street Journal as an illustrator and designer for 17 years and left to pursue freelance work in 2016.  He's also had a chance to collaborate with clients such as Squid Bikes, The Village Voice, The Onion, Brooklyn Brewery, Motion Math Games, Burton Snowboards, NY Press, Grimaldi Outerwear and NYC Social among others.

Paul illustrated his first children's book "Snowmastodon! Snow Day Adventure" which was written by the awesome Aimee White Beazley in 2011.

In 2011 Paul received both a Webby and Loeb award for a Wall Street Journal animation project which details how people are tracked across the internet. In 2014 he along with some really talented colleagues were nominated for both an Emmy and a Loeb award for the design of 'Prescribed' which is an interactive video detailing the rollout of the Affordable Care Act.
He and his crew live in lovely Sactown California.

Work and licensing inquiries:
phone: (916) 524-7357
Feel free to say hello.
Thank you!
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